Friday, August 29 

Had a long day today.
We got out of work early...but I got held up and didn't end up leaving till 5.

Now I have some freelance design work to do & Erica is in Conneticuit.

This coming Sunday is our official last Sunday at the LI Vineyard, which is home since I was a kid and since Erica came back to know our Savior. We're departing there b/c we just feel like its time to move on. Its been evident for a long time that we'll be at the NYC Vineyard. So that is happening. Its hard, but we know that God is orchestrating this thing.

+ Lord, please give us whatever we need this weekend. Keep us safe. +

Sunday, August 24 

I haven't blogged in over a month. This long-distance blogging relationship has now become the norm.
BUT I've been thinking about blogging...I have a list of thoughts and ideas that I've wanted to I'll start now. & daily (I promise) I'll do it.

POLITICS -- according to Kenny:

Arnold Schwarzenegger -- governor of CA.
How could you not be for this?? I don't understand anyone who would rather have some 'professional politician' running the state than a self-made man who can actually work the system for the people.

I mean professional politicians are so much a joke. Did the Founding Fathers think that in 200 years this country would be run by basically candidates from 1 of 2 parties who owe political favors to their camp and/or other (financial) powers-that-be that support them? My arguement is no. The United States was founded and based on the idea that the government should be run by the people & for the people. I heard an interesting observation....politicians are the same &#%^head with a different name. & honestly...I have to agree. By the time these people get that high up they owe EVERYBODY favors for something. & not only that...but the mentality of the corporate/political world is that if you kiss ass, you get higher up. Politians and political parties only want those that will make them & their cause stronger...not those who are willing to fight for whats right.

The Constitution & the Declaration of Independence are documents that give us the American people the right to keep our government of the people & for the people. This means that our vote shouldn't be side-tracked by being a Democrat or Republican or any other political BS for that matter.

My next political a question:
Why do we still have the electoral voting system in place??
I think I understand the reasoning behind creating that system back in the day......
BUT with the technology that we now have here, I could set up a web database & each individual could place their own vote. THEN & ONLY THEN will the American people have the power, and not these white-bred, power-loving yahoos.

Back to Arnold.....
He is smart, doesn't have any particular allegance to any political force, is an immigrant, a self-made man, a charitable person, the Preditor & Terminator etc., etc.
It seems like he's smart enough to get the right people around him too.

If you're a California Arnold.
If you're not, SHOUT OUT to me. You may agree, or you may think my views are uninformed & naive. Tell me either way.

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