Tuesday, September 30 

An exciting time right now. Its a new way for E and Me.
I'm excited about leading worship with MatT and the boyz in Nov in the UWS.
Its about time we get back in the saddle.

I've been thinking about friendship and just how important, how rock-solid, & how fragile it is...all at the same time. 2 people relating to eachother b/c they choose to. Especially in a relationship like marriage.

Read an interesting statement in a book yesterday......The degree to which a person discloses themselves to another, is the degree to which they'll know themself. Don't take that in a philosophical sense, but in a practical sense. Pretty deep, practically.

I want to eat mac and cheese, take care of my sickE & write songs tonight. Later.

Wednesday, September 24 

You know those days where it seems you just can't get anything right? I feel like I'm Bill Murray on Ground Hog day. When I'm honest I hurt someone...and probably end up being wrong anyway.

Monday, September 22 

this past weekend we got to see NOBOT kick some serious ass at Kenny's Castaways. It you like good music, go to their site & download something. I don't think they'll sue you.


Its nice weather here in NYC and we're enjoying where we live. When we first moved here E didn't like it so much... we had mice, she was driving back to LI 5-6 days a week in mondo-traffik-o, etc. Now we're both enjoying the nabe.

I wanted to live in the nicer streets of Carroll Gardens (just across the highway), but we couldn't afford that. So now we're on the bastardized Carroll Gardens/Red Hook border of what hipsters and real estate brokers call "Carroll Gardens West".

Its not quite as exclusive, yet still safe & still really neighborhoody. The coffee place down the block knows Erica by face and its just a cool community to be apart of. Our good, good friend Becca T mentioned something to E a while back about how NYC, & Brooklyn in particular is different than most other places in the US, in that we really do have cultural & personal neighborhoods. I been thinking about that....and how it applies to being a community of Christ here. I want to know how to demonstrate the kingdom of god here....how to let the contagious restoration of souls flow through us.

I want to be more open. Open for/to my wife & open to what I know the God of the universe has commissioned us to be/do.

+don't leave us alone. please keep us in your way...in your jesusmovement.+

Tuesday, September 16 

I don't understand if Keck's red truck comment below is b/c he thinks I should become a NYC Fire Fighter or an Idaho 'country-gentleman'. Either way is pretty cool & manly.

I had an eye opening conversation today with 2 coworkers who both seem to have prophetic/discerning gifting. Either of them are overtly followers of Jesus (although Tom is culturally Catholic & does indentify w/ JC). The conversation started with their weird experiences having bodily reactions to specific people at certain times, prophetic dreams, & that kind of stuff.

I had no problem explaining how the HS moves and speaks prophetically among our meetings & individual hearts in the context of the conversation. Its amazing how once we who are in the church get there, we make words to really do sound funny to 'outsiders'. Makes me think about Wimber's teachings on our western world view & how we (now in the church) need to shift paradigms to understand the Kingdom & all its implications here and now. These friends of mine don't know Jesus yet....but they have a deeper understanding of how this works from personal experience without ever being taught than some people I know who are Christians & just aren't paying attention to God or the natural things that happen around them.

+Lord, please help me to be a good friend and represent you to HD & TK. & Please teach us, your church to walk in your spirit more and better. Let your Kingdom come on us and through us.+

Tuesday, September 9 

Everyone rejoice...MatT has decided to continue blogging.
I suggest that you all go to his site HERE & SHOUT OUT. Tell him how much you love him, even if you don't know him.

The NYFD was just outside my house. Some one smelled gas down the block. 4 huge trucks, 2 parametics & a Captain's truck. KICK ASS!

I went outside like all the other pedestrians to stare at whats going on. These guys (and girls) are the real thing. I have some friends that are city fire fighters and they are ballsy people. I'm talking specifically about my cousin Joe. Joe gets pissed off when he has a day where he doesn't get thrown into a firey building atleast 2 times.

Just puts things into perspective for me. I sit at a computer and work on websites all day....these guys (and girls) are real men. Even when they don't go into fires they get to wear hardcore equipment & look badass cool.

NYFD gets my respect.

Monday, September 1 

Thanks to everybody who made us feel good on Sunday night...I must admit it was wierd being in the spotlight of the night (they had a cake with our names on it!)...but we certainly felt the love.

We spent some of today with Mike & Char T (among some other friends there). It was nice to just hang with them. We'll be under 'their regime' there at the NYC Vineyard now. They were in Germany recently for Freakstock & came back with the new Jesus Burger worship recording. Jesus Burger is Kuky & Kim's creation...they are worship leaders from the Freaks and seem to just have the anointing/gifting/whatever you want to call it.

What has struck me as I worshiped Jesus tonight & listened to the CD is just the familiarity that it draws me to with Jesus. & as a worship leader & designer it makes me think about just the way these guys communicate the message to 'hop on, we're going in' & the way I can relate to God through their prayers.

I was reading in 1 Cor 12 through some of the time I listened / responded to the worship...and it talks just about the church functioning as a body. That we all need each other....& I connected just this way of leading in an authoritative, but gentleness people into God's presence and just how that really does just fit into the rest of the body & relates to the rest of the body in our 'bigger gatherings'.

MattT & the fam come home tonight. +Lord give them safe travels & new love for you, your church & the things that you do...let it spread to the rest of us like infection+

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