Thursday, October 12 

silent, tired terror?

I was in the World Financial Center building 4 at about 3:30
yesterday, when we saw on the flat screen TVs in the lobby that a
plane had crashed into a building in Manhattan.

It was strange because while there were some people visibly anxious,
my collegues & other people around were very calm. A little too calm
for being folks who were here 5 years ago when our collosal neighbors
(WTC) were hit by planes.

Over the last 5 years, even when a loud noise or low flying plane was
seen people would get very anxious & ready to grab their stuff & go.

I suppose this is what happens with time, though.

It was a strange day... and even by 4:30pm (when details were not
clear) wikipedia had already declaired Cory Lidle dead. They were
quicker to it than!

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