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Tuesday, February 11

Sometimes it feels like the end of the world. Especially lately.

Its code orange here in NYC. I read in the paper that we should have food, duct tape, a place to go if anything happens, and copies of birth certificates, licenses, etc.

I work in the World Financial Center....spitting distance to where the WTC once stood. Talking with my co-workers (who were all here on Sept 11, with horrible stories about escaping) today about this stuff has been tough. Normally I'm not an alarmist...cause most of the time nothign happens and alarmists are left peeking out of there bombshelters like dumbasses while everyone else is like eating ice cream & on rollercoasters and stuff.
It was kind of freaky, though....cause this is a reality here, now. This can, and has happened.

Heavy, huh?

+lord, please show me how to relate and talk through even this stuff with my friends+

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