Wednesday, February 26 

blogland is the best.
I was just checking out some of the way cool stuff we bloggers can do, like syndicating our blogs to other sites, & other cool stuff that as a web developer is good to know.

I had a weird day yesterday. I am so confused/lost.
I don't know where we should be location wise and who/what/where/when we should be serving...obviously God, so my question is rather, "where/what/who/when do you want us?"

My heart goes one way, but then the practical and relational, etc. go both ways....and both Erica and I are just praying for guidance.

I know that I know that God told me to move to Brooklyn. This made sense on many levels. 1. I work in Manhattan, so commuting from Brooklyn is MUCH closer than commuting from Long Island. 2. Erica will most likely be going to school in Manhattan next semester, thus the commute is also better. 3. My original plan was to be a part of the vineyard church plant there with the T people. 4. we spend alot of time with Matt&Becca, and some other friends there...and it seemed like it could be cool to live in a new place for this time. Beside just these more natural things that just made sense, there has been a definite pull on my heart to serve our Lord among the people there. I love the people in brooklyn. Not that I dont' love LIers too...I do, but its different.

So now we're living in Brooklyn. A Ok. its pretty freaking cool.

The major dilemma is that we're serving at the Long Island Vineyard. I love that church. I really do love those people. They have been my family, friends, etc. when I needed them. There truely is a great community there of people who love eachother and Christ.
& I don't feel we are to leave there yet.

So anyway, yesterday I went to a kinship group there on LI at my buddy Sean's home. A large group of great people. Yet I just felt very disconnected from them. I suppose b/c I am.

So now, this is the reality in that I now live....
We live in Brooklyn. We serve (mainly) on LI. I also connect with, look to, and minister with a choice # of friends from another place. Anyone reading this that my be offended or freaked out (not likely, cause I think the only people that do read it are MattT and Keck)...we're not going anywhere till god says to...this is just my emotions gone wild, the uncensesered version.

I suppose theres alot at work with my feelings, though too.
Just being married which is a huge change. I mean 3 months before we made the plunge I started this nervious twitch....I never had one of those before! and now its just totally sweet, yet hard cause we both have grown up with basically F ed up families. I'm also being affected by you allelon guys. Hunter has been making me think for years & now....Keck, MattT and the rest of you have really been feeding my frankenstein. Even just about how to be a husband. as well as confirming and making me 'dream' again...about Kingdom things.

Did I mention that my Erica is totally cool? She has been so supportive of her bitching & ridiculous husband. I truely am a lucky guy.

+Lord, Please send guidance and help. We only want to do what you want us to+

Monday, February 24 

I said I'd never do this...let my blog go untouched for more than 2 days. I've been a bad, bad boy....but now I'm here to update, after a fun filled week of the ups and downs of life.
Theres so much I could say about this past week, but I'll keep it fairly minimal, for now.

Led the worship time last night at our church on Long Island, just as I do every sunday night. Musically it was a mess. Not a complete mess, but just a couple of major things going wrong (ie. some of my team just couldn't get into a groove on the first song, I broke a string on the 3rd song, and then played a horrible version of Youre in me). Everything else was totally cool....these were just major things that I could tell were distracting to the people.

You know what though, one of the people on staff came up to me and said the worship was wonderful. Especially the last song. Shut me up real quick.

It really just made me think about our God's great huge mercy and bear-hugness-unfailing love for us.
I was wrestling earlier in the day with doing some songs that are theologically stronger songs, vs. the songs that I felt like I wanted to cry out to my God. I was telling Erica and she gave me the idiot look...and i realized that I was arguing a null point with myself.

So then we get to church, and I find out that a friend (who doesn't go to our church, but is apart of our natural community) is bringing his new pastor over to hangout and meet people and just check stuff out. Now this guy is like a baptist from somewhere in the midwest. It kind of freaked me, b/c there is apart of me that wants others in the body to see us as significant and not over-emotional whackos (as I've read articles about our 'types' of the church).

That started me thinking about who are we (my community of faith) trying to relate to or me as worship leader appease? And once again I realized my thinking was off. As a worship leader my job is to appease God (duh thats the nature of worship) but we want to relate to the world around us. And part of our job is to be that bridge that links our culture to our god. I think thats why the Jesus Freaks have had such a hard time being taken seriously. I mean, these guys are not appeasing the religious people around them,...but it seems that the poor and needy in their sphere influence come to Jesus.

Randy had a great message too. It was based on acceptance of all people, and then winded its way towards 'negoitiable' issues like drinking etc. (Paul's discussion on gentiles eating meat and not observing certain holidays, yet jews doing so). It was good and convicting. I repented for some of my attitudes with the past couple of months. So anyways, it was cool.

I gotta go, but I'll blog again soon.

Friday, February 14 

With everything happening around me, I've totally neglected telling you all (people I know face-to-face and those I don't.....[once again a pretentious statement]) about my beautiful wife.

We just got married a month and 4 days ago. She is totally awesome...more to come in the future....

If you want to see wedding pictures (there are 900 of them) do this:

1. go to:
2. search for "Petrowski"
3. you'll have to register a name and this is the password: celebrate123

Anyone who finds the crazy Matt & BeccaT pics gets a special star next to their blog link!

Thursday, February 13 

Here in NY all of us bloggers are affected and thinking (bloggin) about the bloggin orange alert and possibilities of war with both Iraq and N. Korea.
[if you want a totally awesome rundown of the N Korea situation check out Dan's blog....he is Korean and so damn he knows about this stuff]. Now you have to realize...I know all of these blogging guys, and none of us really care about politics. I don't even know what the difference is between a Republican or Democrat (honestly), and I don't care.

Now the interesting thing to me is that this is all on our minds, while you guys in idaho, and everywhere else....aren't thinking about it. I know that makes sense, b/c the chances of NY getting oblitterated are much higher than Idaho. But have you heard on the news that basically everybody in middle-America is against us going to war??? Its true. I mean we have ours here too that are just mindlessly wanting no war....its NY, people will protest protesting.

I don't know how as Jesus' followers we're suppose to think about war. I mean, obviously its not the answer to everything...and at face value its against the 'pacifist christian' approach to solving problems. But I want us to go to war here now. It seems like the only viable solution. Pussyfooting around these little guys who think they're hot shots (osama, saddam, & the n korean guy) obviously gets nothing done.

+ Lord, you are so good to us. Thanks for being our Dad and letting us know that you've got us taken care of.+

Tuesday, February 11 

Sometimes it feels like the end of the world. Especially lately.

Its code orange here in NYC. I read in the paper that we should have food, duct tape, a place to go if anything happens, and copies of birth certificates, licenses, etc.

I work in the World Financial Center....spitting distance to where the WTC once stood. Talking with my co-workers (who were all here on Sept 11, with horrible stories about escaping) today about this stuff has been tough. Normally I'm not an alarmist...cause most of the time nothign happens and alarmists are left peeking out of there bombshelters like dumbasses while everyone else is like eating ice cream & on rollercoasters and stuff.
It was kind of freaky, though....cause this is a reality here, now. This can, and has happened.

Heavy, huh?

+lord, please show me how to relate and talk through even this stuff with my friends+

Monday, February 10 

Ok, everyone...this is my very first blog.
I must say that the concept of sharing my heart with everyone (really anyone that cares enough to click over here) is pretty pretentious...but then again I've been enjoying and actually benefitting from MattT, Cello Dan, Keck, Dov & Hunter's for weeks now.

This has actually become one of my obsessions (reading and keeping up with some friends, some I've never even met's blogs). Its sad. refreshing every 5 minutes. very sad. and being a graphic designer, I refused to put up a crappy looking blog right away....but its been weeks, and I can't hold out any more! so whatever, this works for now.

before i start to whine,....goodnight

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