Saturday, December 23 


one of the reasons i love new york city is because there is rich & poor right beside one another. unfortunately, not that the rich take care of the poor, but even just existing next to one another is cool to me.

i was up on 5th Ave last week going to the Apple store there. It is a prestigious neighborhood, right at the bottom of Central Park, with the horse carriages lined up & the Plaza across the street (who is advertising apartments to live there... starting at $2.5 million).

Anyways... the subway stop there ALWAYS sticks like piss. Here you have someone paying $2.5 mil for a square of air & yet the subway station is not even as nice as our meager one here on 77 st in the BK.

Also was over on Broadway in SoHo yesterday getting some Christmas gifts for E & I just noticed the HUGE stores selling really expensive cloths out of extremely expensive real estate..... and the street vendors selling (sometimes better) stuff out on the curb. I love it. Bought more from the street vendors than I did from the stores.

Thursday, December 21 

ver 25% of Legislation Passed in 109th Congress Was Renaming Buildings

This from & ?Of the 383 pieces of legislation that were signed into law
during the two-year 109th Congress, more than one-quarter dealt with naming or renaming
federal buildings and structures ? primarily post offices after various Americans.?

Monday, December 11 

davinci decoded

Been surfing around & came across some teaching from my friend Steve
Munson from the Vineyard in Long Island called 'Davinci Decoded'.

Steve is a scholarly stud & shares the historical facts of the early
church documents, how the canon was formed, etc in a palatable way.
This certainly is not Davinci Code bashing, it's rather extremely
informed historical fact. I find it facinating for that reason.

I would share these two talks even with folks who don't believe in God...

You can find them here:

Monday, December 4 


I don't know how they expect us to get anything done... but
has been blocked from our computers at work. Digg is my main source of
news & info (cause it's got the good stuff). I'm just waiting for the
day when they block google. That would just be unhuman AND inhumane.

Saturday, December 2 


i'm writing this from the Black MacBook that I bought in the summer. I love the thing. It's made me into a mac person though i'm really wanting to properly setup windows in Parallels so I can enjoy the best of both worlds over the next couple weeks.

I highly recommend these bad boys to anyone interested in getting a new computer. Especially considering the recent upgrade in Parallels that seems to make working between mac & PC seemless.

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