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Friday, February 2

so much has happened

I realize that I have not said much here about our church community in quite a long time, which is weird because it's really been on my mind & in my heart hardcore through 2006 & even now.

Lots of great stuff happening! About 1 year ago we were still the NYC Vineyard, with our congregation in the Upper West Side, the smaller gathering on Sunday nights in our office space in Midtown & an even small group of people getting together in Staten Island.

Through the providence of God / the craziness of life (one in the same? sometimes?) everything got turned upside down & the rollercoaster began. I have loved every minute of it!

From a practical perspective it was time that the Upper West Side congregation go off & become their own autonomous church community. & then there was 2... until it became apparent that the Staten Island group was not going to cruise through in the state it was in. & then there was 1.

One lonely group (well, not really) of mostly younger people none of whom lived in Midtown Manhattan, but yet we would meet for church on the 10th floor of an office building. When that would pack out with people, most of whom were very much connected to our community.... we knew we had a problem.

So to make this long post (I am making up for lost time, though) a little shorter, we ended up finding the Trash Bar over a year ago. We started meeting there once a month to test it out & if this was a reason for our small group of Jesus people to be. Sure enough it was.

In Oct of 2006 we moved the whole operation into Williamsburg Brooklyn. Meeting every Sunday night at the Trash Bar... & spending time at Mykinos across the street. We now are getting our office/community space all fixed up & have started a morning gathering for people who can't do nights at a school in the hood.

I think most everyone who is involved, all 90+ of us... are super excited about the group of people we get to hang with... about the dreams that the Spirit has let us finally live out (instead of just talking) & about the future.

I hope to have more & better photos in the future of everyone not just the few of us in front sometime soon.

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