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Monday, November 6

paul strait #1

Paul Strait is a guy I have been meaning to blog about for a while. Some of you know him, but none of us get to see him half as much as we'd like.

Paul is a guy who was apart of the NYC Vineyard many years ago. Long story short he got in touch with the Jesus Freaks (at that time a group of mostly 17 year old teenage punks) in Hamburg & got the relationship rolling with the Turrigianos.

This is a highly unlikely combination because Paul is not a particularly trending guy, he was not that young himself nor was he looking for this kind of role. Actually he was a corporate lawyer in NYC at the time. Shortly after, though unsatisfied with practicing law, he put himself through Columbia medical school & became an ER doctor.... in addition to buying houses (on a credit card, as the myth goes) & fixing them up with his dad in Maine.

This is the amazing part: since then he has been a "missionary" so to speak to the Jesus Freak groups that have sprung up around Europe. He has spent the last 10+ years living somewhere between Maine, Manhattan & Germany... at first working for like 3 weeks straight in the ER in Maine, then going to Germany for 3 weeks... like 6 or 7 times a year. Now he works in Heildelberg like a 24 hour shift & then someone picks him up & they go to visit & encourage Jesus Freak groups during the day. I mean like... doing this 6 or 7 days a week! I also know he's personally put atleast 1 kid through college financially (probably more).

If he reads this, he may be embarassed... but he is an amazing friend & person.

More to come on Paul & why I'm sharing this tomorrow....

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I knew Paul back in 1996.
He let me sleet on his sofa in Washington Heights.
He is truly an amazing person!

Where do one find him today?

//Magnus Andersson

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