Monday, February 14 

My valentine today is Erica. She is the perfect match for me. Through thick & thin, she is loyal & wonderful. She is the most caring, wonderful, beautiful & thoughtful person I know.

I love her quirks and funny nature too. I joke with her that people like her better than me... even people who have known me for a long time.

Thursday, February 10 

A crowd of celebrating revelers could be seen just adjacent to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in a fine establishment, called Moonshine on Monday night.

Some were there for a normal Monday night, others for a special birthday celebration for the godfather. With $1.50 cans o beer, $3 drafts & 2 bulldogs walking around the place is the bomb.

The schnakies were flowing (I must've eaten 4 of them) and there literally were Cubanos for everyone who asked. Mad props to the birthday boy & the secret giver of the cigars, as they made the night quite an enjoyable one.

I highly recommend Moonshine to anyone looking for a cool, regular, cheap place to go. I will definitely be venturing back into our old hood to chill there. Word has is it that in the summer its BYOM - Bring your own meat.

& seriously, whoever you mystery brit is that hooked us up with those Cubans... may the Lord bless you abundantly.

Saturday, February 5 

Erica has been reading The Unshakable Kingdom & The Unchanging Person. A great book where E. Stanly Jones talks about the Kingdom of God through a lens that spits it out in bite-sized chunks, but still its mindbloggling, challenging theology to actually think about and subscribe to. Sort of 'the meat is on the street' type stuff. Easy to understand in concept, but takes on a whole new meaning when your life becomes subject to it.

Anyway, we were talking about it today & I realized the incredible way it is that we're involved in God's Kingdom. That as subjects he actually will use us. How un-frivoulous & history altering those times when we literally & figuratively say "Come, Holy Spirit, You have your way" are.

The lightblub in my spirit clicked on while I was in bristol a couple of weeks ago. At the Vineyard Late meeting, Wallis simply asked the spirit to come & have his way. We waited for a while & then He started to move on a few of us. Wallis said, "now What hope do we have, if not that He'll come to meet us here tonight". Simple words. Andrew probably doesn't even remember saying it, but it shook me & has been revolving around my mind since.

I want more of this in E & my lives, as well as for the people around us... both those that call themselves 'christians' & those that don't but still just need the power of the creator to interupt their screwed-up lives.

I am grateful to have been brought into the Church at the time & with the church that I was. I've had the opportunity to live through stuff that has ruined me for anything less than the real deal of the Kingdom. It may just be the death of me.

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