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Monday, September 11


Today is 5 years on. There was no talk of it in the office today, even though 50 feet away there were thousands of people remembering with millions watching on TV. Actually the reporters were on our building over looking the hole.

When you pass by this thing everyday it just becomes apart of everyday life. You see tourists & people quiet, mourning, paying their respects & theres me chatting on my phone as I walk to the subway, or doing something else insensative... completely oblivous to the situation out of necessity.

Last week I came across this amazing piece that a friend & old collegue created after 9/11/2001. Katya left our firm to go to the prestigious Cranbrook Art School. All of the people mentioned here are people I worked with post-9/11... & I'm even mentioned as having nose bleeds "from the air".

If you want to know what it was like to go back to work in the wake of 9/11... or to be there on that day, take 10 minutes to explore this piece:



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Hey, Kenny. Good to see you blogging. I've added you to my list of friend blogs that I check in on everyday. I read your post about 9/11 and thought I would send you a link to my post, which described the day you, me and Kevin spent together in early December 2001. It's a day I'll never forget.


Take care, bro.

Larry Hampton

larry, good to hear from you! i've been a bad blogger. i remember when you guys came down... it was a tough time.

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