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Tuesday, July 18

imagine this...

...you're in a sauna. only it's not just a 12x12 room, the soupy,
overheated mess of it is everywhere you go. the air is so thick, it
feels like you can swim through it.

you make the decision to go underground, where it basically functions
as an oven becuase of the hot sun pounding the street all day.

& you wait...

one train comes. it's packed.
another train comes, it's the wrong one.
finally a #4 train speeds into the station. you jump on it.

the completely unnaturally dry, cold air feels like heaven... as
respite to the soupy reality of the outside world.

you ride uptown -way uptown- into the bronx. & follow the masses as
they exit at yankee stadium.

the urban-jungle continues with the surreal pounding of a bronx dude
playing a repetitive african beat. it echos through the streets.

the stadium feels like the coliseum must have in the high roman times.
old structure, 60,000 people, steep stairs, fans yelling, rooting &
slapping eachother all over the place.

now you're once again at one with the soupy mess that is humidity. the
temp outside is actually warmer than your own 96.8? f.

once again, help is in sight... the "giant beer", costing a measly
$8.75, overflows out of the tap & over the top of the giant cup... i
think it was one of the only times a beer waterfall has seemed like
the best idea ever.
it's gone quick though.

as the sun goes down you enjoy the crack of the bat, the crazy yankee
fans & the company of good friends. it is one of those exciting
experiences that can only be understood by being there.

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