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Thursday, May 4

jury duty

I've had jury duty all week. I have found it completely facinating...

The process by which they choose jurors is very intense and cool. I thought for sure they wouldn't choose me when they got to the question about any organizations your associated with and they found out I was a Christian and actually a leader in our church. They did question me on it, & I got some funny looks, but they still choose me.

The variety of people that are on a jury in Brooklyn.
Being that Brooklyn has people from every place & every walk of life, its been really cool to be stuck in a room with these people. Most of them are people that I likely (or they) would never hangout with. They're SO funny... we've been having a ball in the jurors room just waiting. Its been very interesting to see the way that other people (my neighbors basically!) see life. Alot of these people work for government agencies, so I'm hearing about life in programs that help the mentally ill, those looking for govt housing & ICS type systems.

One thing that has surprized me is the way the judge & lawyers treat us jurors. There is nothing but respect! They rise when we enter the room & EVERYONE talks to us with respect for who we are and what we're doing.

So I don't go tomorrow, but on Monday have to go back. Talked to my boss today... sounds like he's getting antsy about my return. I got all the info I have, but have to stop myself from worrying about what he thinks or what he's going to say. I have a tendency to think I'm doing something wrong by not being at work... but seriously, this is the most unwrong thing I could be up to.

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