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Wednesday, December 21

transit strike - day 2

The transit strike sucks. I'm still here at Starbucks... and now my opinion has
changed on the whole situation... thanks to the insights of a mr. todd

Before yesterday I was thinking that the TWU workers were victims being held
down by THE MAN. For whatever reason i'm into sticking it to THE MAN, whenever
possible. I think because in my own middle-class white boy way I know what its
like to be crapped on by someone who is controlling you... and i do see the MTA
as being THE quientessential MAN -- to complicate things more.

All that aside, when THE MAN is trying to negoitate & treat you as the adult you
are but you just bitch at it & give him the finger just because you can, it
shows why he is THE MAN & you're the underling working for him (well maybe not
exactly... but it does show some face value class atleast).

The MTA workers make as much as I do, on average... which admittedly is not
alot, but isn't aweful. They're quips are reasonable (wanting more salary,
protection of their benefits, etc)... BUT stopping NYC to get it is a crappy
approach to me.

I've been watching Bloomberg on TV as he addresses the city. He is obviously
pissed, but keeps his cool & tells it how he sees it... the reason why he's THE

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TWU really does suck. I think they are happy to be striking. They seem happy on the picket lines.

Wait until Starbucks start striking, then NYC is in trouble! I know what I'm like if I don't get my daily fix... :)

p.s. I just went to look at the Starbucks website, on a whim. Apparently I can't look because "cookies are required"!!! Hahaha!

Hey Kenny!

thanks for your comments man! How is life? Cool to talk to you at Freakstock


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