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Wednesday, October 12

in boston

so i'm up at a web usability conference in boston for the firm. got here last night & i'm staying over tonight too.

its so strange, last night i tried to go out and explore some in cambridge... but EVERYTHING was closed by 8:30pm. The bar/restaurant i ate at was closing at 10. i'm not even being funny when i say that i was shocked. in our hood you can hit 10 bodegas in 5 blocks at 1AM. The bars are open during the week till atleast 1... but more likely 4.

after literally 2 hours of trying to connect to the wireless here, i finally got it to work. good ole windows 2000 wasn't wanting to find it... and i don't know what i did, but i got it working for the moment.

its nice to be away alone for a few days, but i miss E. wish the cambridge vineyard had something happening over these 2 days.. cause i'd go to check it out... but its rainy and windy and nothing seems to be going on.

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The mac would of had it sorted in like 30 seconds!
Miss you brother!

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