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Monday, April 24

living dead

How is it that we live through death? I don't mean death in actual physical
dying, but in the dying that happens at different times throughout life. Where
one is left with absolutely nothing to hold onto, all absolutes becomes
relative & relational-ative, when the only thing left to do is not struggle &
fight anymore, but just give in.

Interesting, I'm not morbidly dealing through this right now, but am seeing
friends deal with this part of life & for the first time able to indentify with
it, but from the other side. Not that I'm any better, I'm sure my time will come
sometime soon (in fact as I get a little older, it seems like it is more
frequent a state, with breaks for catching up though).

What encourages me in this is that we're not alone. It doesn't mean that true
life is over, but rather that its moving forward.


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