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Tuesday, March 28

...just like phone calls

Been a long while since I've blogged... So much happening and just like making
those phone calls that I want to make, I just don't do it. Maybe I'm just more
interspective than I think??

a few highlights...
- nyc vineyard has been flourishing. we're onto new territory with our trashy
selves. great things happening here. it is so very cool to be apart of
something as big in the cosmic, important sense. i love the leaders we have
around us, the anarchist tendencies of some of my favorite people, the
steadiness & safety of the community as a whole & the sense that we're
partnering with God in what he's up to. it hardly feels like church, but more
what just makes sense for life.

- erica is crazed with school work, but coming up with wicked cool projects. she
has to design a lamp (& make it work) based on alfred hitchcock asthetics.

- my work has been cool as well. hard, but worth it.

- some of my favorite people will be in town in the next weeks... so looking
forward to seeing all of them.

- i've learned how to flash the bios on an old laptop i had in my possession
(exciting stuff!). so now i've got windows XP on it... trying to get a machine
that will be *mine*.

- we're paying off all our bills! due to a very cool gift.

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