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Wednesday, May 17

Civil Service, MySpace & MacBook

- Jury duty is over. After a week & 1/2 they called a mistrial. Still was a facinating experience.

- By chance went onto myspace tonight, just screwing around. I'm definitely not a myspace addict, partly cause I can't seem to find the time - whenever I'm on the computer I feel like I'm doing some kind of work or task anyways. Don't really even have a page there.

Ended up coming across some people I haven't seen or heard from in a LONG time. It was sort of interesting. Found one person that I haven't wanted to see in all that time, which was pretty shocking to see where she is at (atleast according to the lame myspace thing). Found another friend that I emailed... hopefully I'll be able to connect with him.

I realize that some of the people that were closest to me at one point, still have connections, yet I'm pretty far removed from them (not entirely). Wonder if thats like a character fault of mine (I definitely care for most of them), or if its just the way things go.

- Apple announced the arrival of the MacBook today. I've decided to switch teams & get one. I'll likely run windows on it too, so that I can keep to my bad windows self.

- Played with a new drummer on Sunday. My 3rd this year. I've had the chance to play with 3 AMAZING guys.

Is anybody out there? Give a shout if you are.

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