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Monday, November 6

beck & the spoonmen

I saw Beck at Lollapalooza many moons ago. Before that day I thought, even though he was a loser (baby), he was pretty cool. It was a hot day & he was on towards the end of the afternoon, so people were tired, hot & rocknroll agitated (July in NYC is like the rain forest).

So someone throws a bottle up at him on the stage... instead of taking it like a man he freaks out (like the loser he self-professed being) & whined "if you guys keep throwing stuff at me, I'm not gonna play anymore". So of course, this provoked the crowd like school kids with a sub in June to throw everything possible up onto that stage. He then takes his microphone & moves behind the drummer & continues his set. A loser indeed. My taste for him was lost in that moment.

..... until we caught him on Letterman this past week. A phenominal performance. & I just found the video below from SNL this past Saturday. The dude has regained stud status in my heart & mind.

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