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Thursday, September 28


found out a friend who has been struggling with cancer the last few
years got a test back on monday that things were not good.

i didn't know what to say or do when his wife told me. i just wanted
to hug her and tell her it's going to be ok. i don't know that it is.
she wasn't looking for sympathy... but i know they'll feel support
from our community.

i realized that i hadn't been processing this when i literally didn't
think about it more than once a day for the past 2 days.

i'm praying... not even gonna tell them that i am. i hope our
community will support and rally when they need it.

+god please heal kenneth. hold sarah & their family as they go through this.+

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Wow - I am sorry for this rough road ... Our hope is for healing, and health ... it always is ...

We have walked the cancer road with friends and it's horrible, no mincing words...The Palmer's journey was/is huge...

Yet - and hopefully this is the case for your friend- There are those times when Life Wins, and that is what we pray for - We pray like storm troopers...

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