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Thursday, February 13

Here in NY all of us bloggers are affected and thinking (bloggin) about the bloggin orange alert and possibilities of war with both Iraq and N. Korea.
[if you want a totally awesome rundown of the N Korea situation check out Dan's blog....he is Korean and so damn funny...so he knows about this stuff]. Now you have to realize...I know all of these blogging guys, and none of us really care about politics. I don't even know what the difference is between a Republican or Democrat (honestly), and I don't care.

Now the interesting thing to me is that this is all on our minds, while you guys in idaho, and everywhere else....aren't thinking about it. I know that makes sense, b/c the chances of NY getting oblitterated are much higher than Idaho. But have you heard on the news that basically everybody in middle-America is against us going to war??? Its true. I mean we have ours here too that are just mindlessly wanting no war....its NY, people will protest protesting.

I don't know how as Jesus' followers we're suppose to think about war. I mean, obviously its not the answer to everything...and at face value its against the 'pacifist christian' approach to solving problems. But I want us to go to war here now. It seems like the only viable solution. Pussyfooting around these little guys who think they're hot shots (osama, saddam, & the n korean guy) obviously gets nothing done.

+ Lord, you are so good to us. Thanks for being our Dad and letting us know that you've got us taken care of.+

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