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Monday, February 24

I said I'd never do this...let my blog go untouched for more than 2 days. I've been a bad, bad boy....but now I'm here to update, after a fun filled week of the ups and downs of life.
Theres so much I could say about this past week, but I'll keep it fairly minimal, for now.

Led the worship time last night at our church on Long Island, just as I do every sunday night. Musically it was a mess. Not a complete mess, but just a couple of major things going wrong (ie. some of my team just couldn't get into a groove on the first song, I broke a string on the 3rd song, and then played a horrible version of Youre in me). Everything else was totally cool....these were just major things that I could tell were distracting to the people.

You know what though, one of the people on staff came up to me and said the worship was wonderful. Especially the last song. Shut me up real quick.

It really just made me think about our God's great huge mercy and bear-hugness-unfailing love for us.
I was wrestling earlier in the day with doing some songs that are theologically stronger songs, vs. the songs that I felt like I wanted to cry out to my God. I was telling Erica and she gave me the idiot look...and i realized that I was arguing a null point with myself.

So then we get to church, and I find out that a friend (who doesn't go to our church, but is apart of our natural community) is bringing his new pastor over to hangout and meet people and just check stuff out. Now this guy is like a baptist from somewhere in the midwest. It kind of freaked me, b/c there is apart of me that wants others in the body to see us as significant and not over-emotional whackos (as I've read articles about our 'types' of the church).

That started me thinking about who are we (my community of faith) trying to relate to or me as worship leader appease? And once again I realized my thinking was off. As a worship leader my job is to appease God (duh thats the nature of worship) but we want to relate to the world around us. And part of our job is to be that bridge that links our culture to our god. I think thats why the Jesus Freaks have had such a hard time being taken seriously. I mean, these guys are not appeasing the religious people around them,...but it seems that the poor and needy in their sphere influence come to Jesus.

Randy had a great message too. It was based on acceptance of all people, and then winded its way towards 'negoitiable' issues like drinking etc. (Paul's discussion on gentiles eating meat and not observing certain holidays, yet jews doing so). It was good and convicting. I repented for some of my attitudes with the past couple of months. So anyways, it was cool.

I gotta go, but I'll blog again soon.

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