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Wednesday, February 26

blogland is the best.
I was just checking out some of the way cool stuff we bloggers can do, like syndicating our blogs to other sites, & other cool stuff that as a web developer is good to know.

I had a weird day yesterday. I am so confused/lost.
I don't know where we should be location wise and who/what/where/when we should be serving...obviously God, so my question is rather, "where/what/who/when do you want us?"

My heart goes one way, but then the practical and relational, etc. go both ways....and both Erica and I are just praying for guidance.

I know that I know that God told me to move to Brooklyn. This made sense on many levels. 1. I work in Manhattan, so commuting from Brooklyn is MUCH closer than commuting from Long Island. 2. Erica will most likely be going to school in Manhattan next semester, thus the commute is also better. 3. My original plan was to be a part of the vineyard church plant there with the T people. 4. we spend alot of time with Matt&Becca, and some other friends there...and it seemed like it could be cool to live in a new place for this time. Beside just these more natural things that just made sense, there has been a definite pull on my heart to serve our Lord among the people there. I love the people in brooklyn. Not that I dont' love LIers too...I do, but its different.

So now we're living in Brooklyn. A Ok. its pretty freaking cool.

The major dilemma is that we're serving at the Long Island Vineyard. I love that church. I really do love those people. They have been my family, friends, etc. when I needed them. There truely is a great community there of people who love eachother and Christ.
& I don't feel we are to leave there yet.

So anyway, yesterday I went to a kinship group there on LI at my buddy Sean's home. A large group of great people. Yet I just felt very disconnected from them. I suppose b/c I am.

So now, this is the reality in that I now live....
We live in Brooklyn. We serve (mainly) on LI. I also connect with, look to, and minister with a choice # of friends from another place. Anyone reading this that my be offended or freaked out (not likely, cause I think the only people that do read it are MattT and Keck)...we're not going anywhere till god says to...this is just my emotions gone wild, the uncensesered version.

I suppose theres alot at work with my feelings, though too.
Just being married which is a huge change. I mean 3 months before we made the plunge I started this nervious twitch....I never had one of those before! and now its just totally sweet, yet hard cause we both have grown up with basically F ed up families. I'm also being affected by you allelon guys. Hunter has been making me think for years & now....Keck, MattT and the rest of you have really been feeding my frankenstein. Even just about how to be a husband. as well as confirming and making me 'dream' again...about Kingdom things.

Did I mention that my Erica is totally cool? She has been so supportive of her bitching & ridiculous husband. I truely am a lucky guy.

+Lord, Please send guidance and help. We only want to do what you want us to+

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