Wednesday, October 1 

I'm all fired up right now!
got to lead worship tonight with my new friend Sam.

on the way to drop him home, he, E & I just got to talking. Inadvertently we got into how Sam ended up in NYC for the next couple of months and then to god's plans for all of us, eventually to our friends the Jesus Freaks. How/Why did this get me fired up? A good question...that I don't know the answer to.

But, I can tell you that I'm excited about being apart of jesus' plan on this earth, now, and here. Even E and I are living where we are, surrounding ourselves w/ who we are as apart of that huge plan....that involves us, but its so much bigger. I don't mean to sound grandiose or overspiritual....but I know that we're players in the big chess game. The almighty just has to move on us for his kingdom to come here and take the game, hand by hand.

So I'm excited about being the church. about being apart of the hugest, yet most intimate thing on earth....that coupled with the power of THE holy spirit on us to accomplish his good. I have other specific stuff on my mind..but I'm not going to share b/c it may be a bit too specific.

+Lord, let your Kingdom come here on us. Let our friends into this totally cool journey and ancient-future story. Let us know your heart and follow. THANKYOU DAD for placing us just right. +

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