Tuesday, February 24 

I have not blogged in over 4 months. Sorry! This is partly b/c Merrill blocked blogger from our computers...so I can't blog from work anymore. Too bad. I do think it increased productivity.

So my world is changing. A brief synops: We celebrated our 1 year anniversary last month; I just got off working on 'the most important job' I'll ever do (according to my boss); my bestest friends MatT, Becca, Josh, Noah & Jake are moving to England; we dressed up like high-brow 60's party goers at our Rat Pack party; My grandfather is being put into a nursing home next week; I'm going to get to take care of the worship leaders at the nycvineyard....blah, blah, blah.

With the Passion movie coming out tomorrow I been thinking about how to make that connect between Jesus' suffering and going to church for people who aren't into him. Its so profound b/c it really is the engine in the car, just the idea that the kingdom was initiated when jesus came (& died) & now WE get to carry it out.

I just want to live for one audience. Andrew Wallis (the brit who has the honor of getting our beloved Matt & BeccaT), who I haven't met yet blogged recently about this...and it really did bring me back to what I want my life to be about.

    I will remember you
    I will turn back and do what I used to do
    for the love of you

New things are on the horizon for us.
~ I hate being stagnant. I want to be in your Jesus Movement.

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