Tuesday, April 5 

For all who were concerned... Erica came home from the hospital yesterday. Thanks for praying and everything. They're 99.9% sure that she has Aseptic Viral Meningitis. She's on the mend for the next couple days & has some procautionary tests to go through, but thank god its nothing worse. Its scary when they're talking about disease & infections of the brain. You don't mess with that.

I'm working on a set of teachings on worship for submerge & a small group looking at spiritual disciplines. I have so many thoughts & so much to say about it, I'm like working backwards... I have pages of random thoughts & scriptures on paper (screen) & am now making some concious sense of it.

Is it that I'm an unorganized thinker that I can't just logically write a talk? or is it normal to have to let out all the thoughts & then puzzle them back together? This is where a good homiletics course would do me good.

Monday, April 4 

Its been a crazy weekend. Erica has had a horrible headache for the past 4 days. Hasn't been able to sleep or do anything else. She never gets headaches like that.

So we went to the doctor on Saturday figuring that he would give her a super strong prescription and send us home. Not the case. He suggested that we go to the ER to make sure this isn't something very serious.

So we went. 12 hours later, she had been in the isolation room of the ER, gotten a CAT scan, loads of blood work & gotten a spinal tap.

They're saying now that she's got Viral Meningitis, which is not life threatening & will run it's course. But the Neurologist & Contageous Diseases Specialist want to run a few more tests on her tomorrow, hopefully she comes home then.

She still has the headache now, but we both feel better knowing that its almost definitely not something longterm or very serious.

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