Tuesday, November 29 

Things to do

I came across the blog of an old acquaintance today. He's an excellent musician & has started playing again with his band after a few year hiatus. It just reminded me of some of the things that I'm passionate about that I just don't have the time to do right now & I think jump started some song ideas.

A few things I want to start doing:
- writing music
- playing that music in a band
- working out
- making stuff in our house (like building cool things)

Don't hear me bitching about life. The things that have my attention right now are definitely passions that I haven't always been able to pursue (nor did I actually always know about them). I think it really is about different times & seasons in life. & talking with a friend yesterday about how right now is a time where bizarrely intriguing things are full-throttle.

Tuesday, November 22 

18-year old mayor

the democratic process actually at work:

it would be awkward to be his teacher, no?

maybe the mta should hire him.

Tuesday, November 1 

MTA: Metropolitan Troublemaking Asses

everyone's favorite organization the MTA does it again:

shutting down the L train on weekends. good plan to boost business in up&coming
williamsburg (especially considering other gov't orgs are rezoning & loading $$
into willy's burg).

glad to see that marty markowitz is on the ball. i don't know how the mta is
allowed to operate as they do. obviously they have little to no accountability
on so many levels.

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