Wednesday, December 21 

transit strike - day 2

The transit strike sucks. I'm still here at Starbucks... and now my opinion has
changed on the whole situation... thanks to the insights of a mr. todd

Before yesterday I was thinking that the TWU workers were victims being held
down by THE MAN. For whatever reason i'm into sticking it to THE MAN, whenever
possible. I think because in my own middle-class white boy way I know what its
like to be crapped on by someone who is controlling you... and i do see the MTA
as being THE quientessential MAN -- to complicate things more.

All that aside, when THE MAN is trying to negoitate & treat you as the adult you
are but you just bitch at it & give him the finger just because you can, it
shows why he is THE MAN & you're the underling working for him (well maybe not
exactly... but it does show some face value class atleast).

The MTA workers make as much as I do, on average... which admittedly is not
alot, but isn't aweful. They're quips are reasonable (wanting more salary,
protection of their benefits, etc)... BUT stopping NYC to get it is a crappy
approach to me.

I've been watching Bloomberg on TV as he addresses the city. He is obviously
pissed, but keeps his cool & tells it how he sees it... the reason why he's THE

Tuesday, December 20 

transit strike today!

can you believe it? a transit strike. amazing. the city is shutdown, kind of...
but not really.

i'm working from the starbucks on 3rd ave & bayridge pkwy for the day on a new

will blog more about my thoughts on labor strikes, personalities & the plight of
the common man later on during this time.

Tuesday, December 13 

winter in nyc

it's definitely winter in NYC. i love it. we've gotten some snow, some cold, christmas decorations decking everything, salvation army santas are out & about.

we had our nyc vineyard christmas party on saturday. its the best party in town. seriously. we packed probably 150 people into eavis' apartment for a wicked night of talking, eating, drinking, singing (mariah carrie's all i want for christmas is you), dancing & mingling.

i probably didn't know half of the people there. its so great that our church parties can be like that... open to all & actually attended by all. from my estimation, its very jesus like.

we then went to the dead poet... a very upper west side bar. didn't get home until like 5am... but had a WICKED time.

big things happening... good things happening.
will give up more in the next few weeks.

Monday, December 5 


I think I missed an important, basic piece of reasoning for even putting Saddam
on trial...

Are they thinking there's the chance that they'll just let him go free, because
he isn't found guilty of murdering thousands?

I assumed from the beginning that this has been an open & closed case. The dude
has tortured & killed more people than I'll know in my lifetime. I don't need a
jury to come to that conclusion.

Does his lawyer present evidence of innocence in the trial? If so, do they think
they'll convince a jury that he should get anything less than death?

I understand that due process is a good thing, but this almost seems like a big
joke... parading him around like a trophy, letting him make a fool of himself
in front of the world before they then decide to just kill him.

Fill me in if my ignorance has become evident... I'm sure I'm not the only one
asking this, though.

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