Saturday, January 28 

trash is on

as previously been speculated... it's now been official for about 2 weeks... NYC Vineyard:Submerge will be meeting at the Trash Bar on the first Sunday of every month starting March 5. You can find some of the reasoning & thinking here.

it has been a totally excited time for all of us as we're looking past ourselves, really looking at what does it actually mean to live like christians. lots of great vision, confirming words from the Lord through unsuspected vessels & excitement. also what goes with that is fear of the unknown & parsing through the crap of religiousity into the heart of God.

so it's on & we're getting psyched. ALL are invited. come by, if you're anywhere near williamsburg.

more to come on this.

Wednesday, January 18 

Malcolm in the Arrested 70's Development

Some of my favorite shows CANNED.
Fox is firing everyone!

Arrested Development
That 70's Show
Malcolm in the Middle

If I become one of those '24' zombies that seem to have taken over New York
City... you know who to blame.

Thursday, January 5 

anniversary weekend

heading up to the mountains tonight... our 3rd anniversary is on tuesday, so
gonna hang out for the weekend.

looking forward to the mountain air, the gasoline air from the snow mobiles,
quiet, reading, delmonico steaks, time to pray & think & time with E.

i'll hopefully post some pictures up when we get back.

Monday, January 2 

last 2 holiday weeks

happy new year all...

we've had a great holiday season... family & friends were excellent to be with, I got a bike(!!), gave erica the Dell XPS m140 laptop that i'm typing on right now & had a generally abundant time. i don't remember the last time we partied this much in a few weeks....

1) a telling of the human side of the christmas story with NYC Vineyard family. we watched elements of the story (via pieces of Zeffirelli's 'Jesus of Nazareth'), with accompanying readings & then responded with worship via christmas hymns. events like this usually don't do much for me... but i left with a new understanding & respect for how God works... the wrongness of jesus' entry & the truth that humility is not a 'nice virtue', but rather comes from humiliation.

2) followed by a pre-christmas celebration with good friends, a fire pit in brooklyn, vino, hor duerves & nice cigars in the brisk cold night.

3) an italian christmas eve with more fish you can imagine

4) 2-party christmas day with kids, huge breakfast, big dinner

5) late night rave in manhattan the next night with e's sister

6) good times with my brother, dad, step-mom & E at my favorite cheap bar moonshine

7) 25-person new years bash at our place...

8) early new years day worship leading duty in the UWS congregation of the NYC Vineyard

9) submerge last night where various people shared what the Lord has been doing in their lives & time to stop the madness and worship jesus. it was a great ending to the mad business of life over the past weeks.

now today we're relaxing at home with a stockpile of beer, champaign, wine, various other alcoholic elements, bagel bites & loads of frozen mozzarella sticks. as good as its been, i'm glad its over... its time to close 2005 & look ahead in 2006...

have a great new year everyone... i pray that this is a good one.

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