Saturday, June 28 

Once again, I've been an absentee blogger.

Lots has been going on. Been totally busy and just not having the gusto to login and write. I do check my favorite of you all's spots pretty much every day.

First thing is first. My sweet wife has been blogging! She is at

Now I'll get into the majority of whats happening. (as if any of you regulars are still checking this page....)...
We're officially moving home base, as far as a church is from the RVC Vineyard to the NYC Vineyard.

So we've felt for a while now that the relationship we have with the NYC Vineyard is a precious one. I've known Mike & Char T since I was a kid. Char was actually my Sunday school teacher back in the day when all those folks were apart of the 1st vineayrd church plant in New York on Long Island. We joke about that b/c she gave me candy I am a follower of Jesus today. There may actually be some truth to that!

Through the years I've always maintained a relationship with those guys, even just a short level. In the mid 90s they took some good friends of mine (the infamous Hazel, Dan S, Mel L, etc.) to Germany to minister to this movement of young churches coming out of the punk culture there called the Jesus Freaks. When I heard the stories & just the raw passion for Christ and his stuff...I was hooked..and knew I had to see this. It is what I picture of "my people".

So to make a long story a bit shorter, I end up at FreakStock among other adventures with those guys. Its how I met Eric & Beth (you guys remember "the gathering" in the Columbia U Chapel?? I know you do!)

So, it is time. We feel (& have the confirmation from many) that this is God. May not seem like much...but its actually scary and different for us.

On a different note, Verizon Sucks, its hot as Satan's hell here in NYC & our brand-new $400 massive A/C ain't cooling. I thought Erica was gonna crack some woman at Sears customer service a new ace hole yesterday. Thats how you know its hot.

I WILL BLOG AGAIN. or as its been said, I'LL BE BACK.

Monday, June 9 

Had a fun filled adventure this past weekend with MattT & my wife Erica.
We had the responsibility of leading worship at the RVC Vineyard for 3 services. A bit much for all of us.
More on this, as the major changes and transitions that are happening for E and I are unleashed into blogland.
BUT I will say that it was totally exusting and draining.

We did get to hangout for the good part of the day at the Roosevelt Field mall....quite an adventure for MattT, Erica and Me. (Unfortunately BeccaT and the Tkids couldn't make it out : ( )

We also got to go to Guitar Center, always a treat. Poor Erica slept in the car the 2nd half of our Guitar Center visit. The thing about it is that we're broke. I love looking at '66 Vox AC30s...but it really is torture when the $3550 price tag is haunting me as I'm trying to come up with schemes to purchase such a piece. Any independently wealthy bloggers out there that want to adopt us, we're available.

It ended up being a good time together. I just have to SHOUT OUT to my brother Neal. He rocked the fretless bass yesterday morning. (not to mention he got his ace to church at 8AM!)

Friday, June 6 

I've been a bad blogger.
Just not maintaining the homestead. Honestly, though I do read everyone who's my regular reads almost everyday. Those blogs I read most often are on the right side EXCEPT for Eric Farkas' & a lady named Melody's. I have just been lazy and haven't added them to it yet. (I do like other peoples blogs, so no worries I've probably seen yours! [as if you care])

I was thinking that thats similar to how I relate to people in general: withdrawn...wanting to hear whats happening to everyone else before I share whats happenin in my world.

Bringing me to my Matrix Persona test. They say I'm Tank.

You are Tank-
You are Tank, from "The Matrix." Loyal
till the end, you spare no expense in ensuring
the well-being of others.

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I agree, I'm the sweet looking black guy who drives the ship. Better than being Trinity.

Seriously, the wheels are in motion here for us. We're really in a transition phase of life that I'm not going to get into on the World Wide Web before some more things are a bit more finalized....but not worries I will be blogging about those massive shifts SOON! I've started reading 'The Cost of Discipleship' Bonhoeffer & rereading Ladd. I'm not such a smartie, but I like these things that challenge the way I think and live. I hate useless philosphy.

One last thing in this blog of random, fleeting thoughts. VERIZON SUCKS! I will tell me verizon story of woa soon. They are perhaps the worse service provider ever. Boycott them.

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