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Wednesday, September 22

So I go after work to get the car home & try to fix it.

The muffler pipe on our sweet ride fell down yesterday while E was driving to work.

So, the car is in Boro Park which is one of the weirdest sections of Brooklyn. Taking the D train there, it actually felt a bit like London with the elevated train & the way the station looks. Kind of like a Lock, Stock & Smoking Barrel type scene. I was kicking myself that I didn't have a camera.

I start to walk down 45 Street. All the hasidic kids running around... the boys with their shaved heads & long curley cues. Everyone there is jewish. And very jewish. It really doesn't feel like NY. If feels like some European ghetto spot.

I find the car, right in front of a Yeshiva...and as the voice echos from the minivan across 12 Ave ("...all your Yom Kippur needs, we're open 9-6 blah, blah, blah..."), I take my sweator off and lay on the street to see whats happening under the car.

Sure enough the pipe that goes from the muffler into the rest of the car is dangling.
My Bright Idea: I'll get some wire and tie it up!

So my journey continues to find some wire. I'm tempted to take some rope that people have used to tie up boxes, but then realize... they'res alot more of them (& they stick together) than there are of me. They'd easily kill me or put me to work....

So I walk....

I finally find a tool rental place a couple blocks away. I walk in. Theres 4 black guys from the islands. I understand every 4th word they say. They give me a whole roll of greasy wire and ask if I should pay. The main guy says "run wit it". No problem mate, I'm outta here!

I finally get back to the car & can't actually get the wire to hold the damn muffler pipe up. Finally I have another bright idea: I'll just pull the whole muffler and pipe out of the car. So I loosen what I can and try (with 4 hasdic teenagers watching me & asking questions). That doesn't work.

Finally I decide to shove the pipe in there & hope for the best, drive home in ghetto style with the sweet Celebrity purrring like a ravenous lion. I do. No problems. Some wicked cool attention as I drive through Sunset Park, no muffler.

I love NYC. Its neighborhoods like these that can be unmatched.

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Yep - NOW I am homesick ....

Stop your really making me miss the hood! You need to stop for some matzah ball soup next time!

Muzhil tauh!

Kenny, it's Eric! I letf you a msg a few days ago, call me back or e-mail me: speric@optonline.net

Kenny -- its Dave Davidson

Hey Dude!

I was at Steve's blog and I came to visit.

I send you blessings. I hope you are well. Bless your marriage, your career and your ministry.

maybe we can speak soon.

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