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Monday, September 13

Went to Coney Island this past weekend with E's little sister. I'd never been there besides just for dinner (sorry exuse for a Brooklyn-ite, eh?)... it was so wicked cool.

Rode the Cyclone which is amazing. The thing is made of WOOD. Thats partly why I rode on it... b/c I could picture like next week someone dying b/c it failed, and then I have to go through the rest of my life hanging my head in shame that I never rode the Cyclone.

amazing how a place that is so un-glamourous, un-sleek or un-beautiful can flip the idea of beauty around to embody a whole culture. I mean, everyone (everyone cool atleast) wants to be hanging out at Coney Island.

In other news...

Got my COMMENTS up and running.

Got my Wireless network up and running.

Using FireFox to browse the web at the moment.

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