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Monday, September 22

Its nice weather here in NYC and we're enjoying where we live. When we first moved here E didn't like it so much... we had mice, she was driving back to LI 5-6 days a week in mondo-traffik-o, etc. Now we're both enjoying the nabe.

I wanted to live in the nicer streets of Carroll Gardens (just across the highway), but we couldn't afford that. So now we're on the bastardized Carroll Gardens/Red Hook border of what hipsters and real estate brokers call "Carroll Gardens West".

Its not quite as exclusive, yet still safe & still really neighborhoody. The coffee place down the block knows Erica by face and its just a cool community to be apart of. Our good, good friend Becca T mentioned something to E a while back about how NYC, & Brooklyn in particular is different than most other places in the US, in that we really do have cultural & personal neighborhoods. I been thinking about that....and how it applies to being a community of Christ here. I want to know how to demonstrate the kingdom of god here....how to let the contagious restoration of souls flow through us.

I want to be more open. Open for/to my wife & open to what I know the God of the universe has commissioned us to be/do.

+don't leave us alone. please keep us in your way...in your jesusmovement.+

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