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Monday, July 14

Ever think about Lawyers? They are a resilient race of people. It seems to be that on the whole they're so into being them & being lawyers that they think they're better than anyone else.

Take their naming convention, for example...
Lawyers name their businesses according to the partners there...even if the name sounds stupid. "Cohen, Mazaltof & Snaggletooth".

Further more, if two(or more) brothers are in the business, more often than not they'll change the name to something even stupider like, "Cohen, Cohen, Rosenberg & Cohen."

In every other business, as more employees and partners are added, the name stays the same. For example even big business like Merrill Lynch, Charlie Merrill has been gone for quite some time as is Mr. Lynch.....the name certainly hasn't changed.

Lawyers charge alot of $$, lie alot & are very proud of who they are.

Check out Steve Munson's Blog. He is very smart.

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