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Wednesday, July 9

Stayed at work late yesterday working on a design for a friend's band's site.
I work down by the World Financial Center, right on the water on the West side of Manhattan.

Throughout the summer the Hudson River Festival is going on outside. Its just cool stuff like free concerts, swimming contests, poetry things & other cultural stuff. Usually the concerts are ok, but nothing extra special.

So I'm sitting here and I hear good music outside & CROWDS cheering, etc. So I figured I'd check it out before I left. Ends up its the NYC Punk Motha Patti Smith. TOTALLY INSANE.

Listening, participating & just being among the people there I found a familiar sense. Its what Keck talked about in his Tuesday, June 10 blog. It was just that I wanted to throw my arms in the air and worship Jesus. I know it may sound weird, but its true. Its the same feeling I get when I hear lyrics to a worship song that just make me what to worship Him.

Don't here me overspiritualizing this, but I know that there is a natural connection between a real passion & cry for anything & worship. I guess basically because thats all the activity of worshiping (anything) is.

This experience comes at an interesting time b/c I've been struggling to write songs. My songs. Worship songs, not worship songs, anything. I feel like I'm on the edge, but just not making it over.

So with the backdrop of Patti Smith, I get an email today with this McLaren Article: An Open Letter to Worship Songwriters . Check it out. His quomes are my quomes. To have integrity in our time, our cry, our art, our lives, our worship needs to be real. Even that sounds cliqe'ish. whatever.

By all means, SHOUT OUT!

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