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Tuesday, July 8

So we're back. From upstate. E's grandfather isn't really the nicest guy. He's into hunting, so there are deer, bears, coyotes, birds, elks, etc. on the walls. He's also pretty mean. E's mom came up with her 4 little kids for the 4th weekend. To make a long story short, he doesn't like kids (even his own grandkids) & ended up just being a jerk to the point that Diane & Nick left late Saturday night to end the abuse. Our vaca was ok. Not great, but ok. Ron (E's grandfather) expects the dinner on the table and dishes done etc....so it wasn't much vaca for E. Sucks. He does have a couple ATVs & this own fishing pond and a creek so that stuff was decent.

I'm back at work, which is actually a lonely place right now. I so wish I could not be here.

Lance (Pittluck) was in town last last weekend (before we went away). For those of you who don't know him, he started the Vineyard on LI in 1984, has served as kind of a 'father' to the Vineyard churches in the NY Metro Area. He's now the pastor of the Anaheim Vineyard. I was so nice to hear the simplicity of the gospel lived out in our lives. & it just those simple things that challenge me.

Like: To be enamered with Jesus and the things of the kingdom. To be more interested in loving and serving our first love than in building the church. & just relating to the Father in his mercy for me, rather than my own doings, or failings, or anything else.

In the business of life here, I had gotten too busy with other stuff, even with serving & following jesus that I had neglected Him. & in Him is everything.

+Lord, thanks for being here and consistant with me.+

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