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Thursday, April 17

CNN apparently creates obituaries for famus people before they die so that they're ready to just pop something up on their website when someone does. Some butthead webdeveloper at CNN.com pushed it to the live server yesterday...and some other web-nerd found the mock-ups & posted them on thesmokinggun.com. Check it out, its pretty funny.

Spent a nice evening with my wife at home. She made an amazing dinner we listened while we listened to a GREAT album. I don't remember the last time I just sat and listened to a cd over dinner...and just discussion from the songs, sounds, memories, etc. Actually the cd was the Lower than Angels disc from Anaheim. I generally don't listen to much 'Christian music' for good music's sake....usually as a vehicle to worship our Lord.... But dude, Larry and those guys did such a lush job on that disc. The songs are totally great. and its like a Pink Floyd disc because you hear different stuff in there if you listen more. +++ it gets my mind on worshipping Jesus.

Today is Holy Thursday. I love tomorrow. and I love Sunday. Jesus, you are so real. & you really did this. Thankyou.

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