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Monday, March 10

Once again I haven't blogged in some time. I do apologize (Eric please don't rip my arms off!).
I have been enjoying the joys and challenges of marriage...especially the beginning of this life-long journey.

Those who are closest to us know some of the crap that has been coming up. But believe me it has been deep and difficult. We both have come from broken homes, resulting in us both having warped views on marriage, relationship, life, God, etc. This has been affecting really all of the meaningful relationships in our life. Thank God the He is totally merciful and kind to us as we stumble along this thing. and thank Him for the people around us who have mercy and love on us.

Marrage to Erica really is interesting. She is very kind, compassionate, and gentle. But when something triggers those deeply broken places inside of her heart, she just can't handle it. Its not that she can't handle people around her....more that she can't handle herself. and I can see the frustration in her eyes as she struggles to know the truth and reality that will set her free.

Don't hear this the wrong way. She is my doll. I love her so much...and I couldn't imagine going through this life without her. She is totally gorgeous and smart and creative and just loving. I love the way she pursues Jesus. It puts me in awe.

...I just got a frantic call....+Please help..redeem us and just let your hs be in our home. Don't leave us alone+...

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