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Tuesday, March 4

so, I'm back in blogland.
work has totally been busy... a bit stressful...but more just busy.
which is GREAT b/c it means i have a job.

Hasidic Jews....I don't get it.
I know this is proving my ignorance, but I just don't get it.
There are a couple of Hasidic Jews at work and I see them on the subway everyday. Its not that I'm coming down on them for the different external things, like their clothes, or (to me) wierd hair style, or beards, or even those things that some have dangling from their belts....

but more, I want to know what is behind those external things. Honestly, I have never had a relationship or anything more than a frustrating discussion with a Hasidic jew at B&H....so I totally can't judge or even begin to understand.

Its just boggling to me, though. I mean, I got on the elevator today. Its a 1 minute ride (if not less) up to our floors. and this older guy, a hasidic jew, breaks out his 'bible', written in hebrew and just reading it. Thats way cool. Dedication. but to what? a culture? a god? What is this guy's hope in? Many of them just seem very sad to me.

at the same time I (a self proclaimed follower of god) get in the elevator like beavis or butthead, thinking something like "shaft, he he. elevator shaft, he he." Not that theres anything wrong with B&B....or laughing and joking around. I obviously have that freedom.

but I want to learn about these guys.

I think to many people christians seem to be on the same page as Hasidic Jews. Purposely out of the culture of the day, out to lunch, just believing what they tell us. Jesus was TOTALLY not like that.

enlighten my ignorance...

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