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Wednesday, March 5

I was thinking on the way into work today....I hope my last post didn't seem antisemetic or anything. I like Hasidic Jews fine! I just don't understand their culture. Just clearing that up (not that MattT or Keck are gonna care).

The testimony and conversation of the church together is so powerful. We were at a small group meeting last night....honestly, b/c we had to have been. BUT the discussion of God's love for us came up. In a room of like 20 people I heard many different stories and ways that people relate to God and how he relates to them (in love, of course). Things like his disicpline, him not giving up on us, & his tender touch were all talked about.

It was pretty cool. Made me think about I think about a story in the bible where I think Paul gave his testimony (basically told a story) and the Spirit fell on the meeting of people. Thats what happened last night. It was refreshing.

+THanks Lord. Please keep on me. Don't give up.+

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