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Tuesday, March 11

Thanks all you guys for your shout outs.
I got interupted with an emergency phone call yesterday when I was finishing my blog.

Once again, don't get me wrong....Marraige to Erica is totally wonderful. Despite all of the crap that we're dealing with and going through, just waking up next to her in the morning is so worth all of it. & I know she feels the same way.

yeah, so you know how sometimes you just have $%#@y days? Yesterday ended up being one of them. In a nutshell....frantic phone call of family-member crisis spewing stuff from the past back on us...my car breaks down...we're carting huge bags of laundry down Columbia St at 10PM...Erica has to use public transportation at 5:30AM to get to school...the public transportation system 'fails' to deliver as needed & my sweet has to take a cab from Jamaica back to LI to get to her class so that the professor doesn't drop her...we're still awaiting friend-of-family member (who is in crisis) to call and spew more (praying not though)....

So thats it. I've vented. The Lord is in this,though. I know he is moving. And I know that we're not alone.
In the midst of it last night....we ended up just taking some time and worshipping, reading, and remembering our Lord's great mercy and love for us over the years...even (especially) when we didn't know it. It found that as a pattern for me (most times). When things get real crappy....I'm ?humble? enough to stop and meet with the liberator again & again.

Not that it makes things un-crappy...but is just hope and the growing knowledge of being held by the huge hand of the universe who knows my every hair.

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