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Thursday, March 20

so many puzzling things about the world around us...

war. I'm for it.. But I can honestly say I don't understand EVERYTHING surrounding it (as I'm sure non of us know really). & I too have been thinking about the pacifists among us, and honestly Peter is the only one that I really, really take seriously. I don't know Peter very well...but I know enough to know that he is totally smart, sensible, and cosmopolitan (he is a brit for god's sake) enough to know about foreign type things.

Its interesting that Todd Hunter (among others) have posted thoughts in the past week (that I have been more or less absent from blogdom) that have corresponded with my own.
I was thinking about all I know about Allelon and their mission (which is just what I've talked with and blogged with you people about). I have been thinking about and through the concepts of community and what a community of my people who follow christ could/should/will look like in the not-so-distant future. And comparing (now, I know this may not be fair, but it was what I was doing) the concepts of Allelon to one of the communities that we are apart of right now. Just that this community of believers on LI is a close knit group. They do care for eachother and are trying to live more like Christ. And my biggest question was....is something like Allelon doing a better job at it? Then leading to....why fix something if it ain't broken?? Well, after thinking more....I realized that I have to get a bigger view (forest from the trees) of what 'it' is. Obviously its following Jesus. But in some sociological sense? I mean, we are talking about people. and leading groups of people...so thinking about the best way lead followers of Jesus into the fullness and beautifulness of it all will include a sociological though pattern. I will pick up on this again....

I have not tried to breach that topic again in the past couple of days. War, work, ROCK and working out our personal stuff has come though more.

That being said. If you're in the NY area, come to CBs Lounge TONIGHT!
Nonfiction, Nobot, Lost Sheep Found, & I think Kaz are playing with some other cool art and.....I hear theres FREE FOOD.

disclaimer=I realize my thoughts above my not be 'religiously correct'. Don't hold me to it...its my freaking thoughts. by all means, SHOUT OUT.

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