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Wednesday, March 12

So, yeah I've really been wierd lately. Thankfully I (we) have good friends that love us despite our wierdnessess.
The body of Christ is truely so wonderful. I mean, I just think about the incredible bond that I have had with people I have never met before, from the other side of the earth...all b/c we really actually are siblings under our Popa.

I saw a news report the other day about these 2 Mexican identical twins that were separated at birth and adopted by differnet families. Amazingly they both ended up growing up in the NY metro area. One on the upperEastside the other on Long Island. They met eachother for the first time at college. and said that from first sight they connected. Ends up they had some wierd twin thing, like they dreamed the same dreams as kids (like nighttime dreams), and liked the same foods, etc., etc.

Just like our brothers and sisters in Christ. Its totally cool.

My class is ending...I'm out of here to go see my beautiful,tired wife.

I'll blog in the morning....my teacher brought up the Brady Bunch...such a weird American enigma....

+ Thanks Lord for everything. And please don't move away from us. Keep us close and moving in YOUR direction. +

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