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Friday, March 21

LSF rocked CB's Lounge last night.
Vinepod sponsered this night, which was a good night of music and photography, and siki's WAY COOL art, and hanging out.
The bands (that I saw) were good. Nobot rocks, LSF pulled it off, and Kaz just always rocks my world in a Japanese/Lennon/Lounge sort of way. UnfortunatIy I missed Nonfiction, but I got to hang with Dan and chat for a while afterward. AND I got an early edition of the Nonfiction CD b/c I'm doing their website. I listened for a bit this morning. Its totally cool. I started crying....just because it reminded me of being at the feet of my king. MattT wrote this way cool song that went over REALLY well last night. and I can't get those words out of my mind. "...So far but so close..."

Erica is freaking out about now. and I don't know exactly why or what. I want to be a good husband. And also fulfill what I know we are to do and be about. So....figuring that out.

+Just do with us as you please. Keep us in check. Pierce through what E is going through.+

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