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Friday, April 11

I'm back.
Its interesting how things come into perspective when change comes around.
Even just at a job. An example....we all are always in jeapardy of losing our jobs. Well, my boss' boss got it the other day. We all felt secure b/c we thought that Betsy would take care of everything. Well,now Betsy is on her way out....and that leaves the rest of us....finding security elsewhere.

Yeah. Life is strange. Its raining outside. Erica and I are not meeting eye to eye. Blah, Blah.

BUT the men's conference that some of us NYers were apart of last weekend was superb. Its been a long time since I have had a time like that. It seemed like a vision defining god time that i will NOT forget. So i guess it makes sense (as John O did talk about) that the enemy of our souls would be on the prowel, setting up a defensive line of REALLY big guys.

Back to my rainy, cold, april day.

+You have been hearing me, I know it. Let my thoughts be your thoughts.+

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