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Wednesday, April 23

..I've heard the news today..oh boy
the violet burning is playing next Friday night at Acme Underground!!!

Totally SWEET. I have never actually seen them live. It seems there have always been conficts...

Madonna has a new album out too. I'm totally excited! I probably won't buy it anytime soon....but I will obtain it somehow.
She was hacked recently. Flooded the bootleg market w/ decoys of the "American Dream" song that instead said, "what the f#$& are you doing?". So some hacker got into her website and replaced it with a page that said, "This is what the f345 I'm doing!" with mp3s of some of her songs. She was trying to be a smart ass, and some smarter ass got her back! Score for internet nerds everywhere!

Yesterday was Erica's Bday. Happy Bday to her. Happy Bday to her.

I realized the other day that God Blogs. Honestly. Check out the bible.

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