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Monday, September 1

Thanks to everybody who made us feel good on Sunday night...I must admit it was wierd being in the spotlight of the night (they had a cake with our names on it!)...but we certainly felt the love.

We spent some of today with Mike & Char T (among some other friends there). It was nice to just hang with them. We'll be under 'their regime' there at the NYC Vineyard now. They were in Germany recently for Freakstock & came back with the new Jesus Burger worship recording. Jesus Burger is Kuky & Kim's creation...they are worship leaders from the Freaks and seem to just have the anointing/gifting/whatever you want to call it.

What has struck me as I worshiped Jesus tonight & listened to the CD is just the familiarity that it draws me to with Jesus. & as a worship leader & designer it makes me think about just the way these guys communicate the message to 'hop on, we're going in' & the way I can relate to God through their prayers.

I was reading in 1 Cor 12 through some of the time I listened / responded to the worship...and it talks just about the church functioning as a body. That we all need each other....& I connected just this way of leading in an authoritative, but gentleness people into God's presence and just how that really does just fit into the rest of the body & relates to the rest of the body in our 'bigger gatherings'.

MattT & the fam come home tonight. +Lord give them safe travels & new love for you, your church & the things that you do...let it spread to the rest of us like infection+

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