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Tuesday, September 9

Everyone rejoice...MatT has decided to continue blogging.
I suggest that you all go to his site HERE & SHOUT OUT. Tell him how much you love him, even if you don't know him.

The NYFD was just outside my house. Some one smelled gas down the block. 4 huge trucks, 2 parametics & a Captain's truck. KICK ASS!

I went outside like all the other pedestrians to stare at whats going on. These guys (and girls) are the real thing. I have some friends that are city fire fighters and they are ballsy people. I'm talking specifically about my cousin Joe. Joe gets pissed off when he has a day where he doesn't get thrown into a firey building atleast 2 times.

Just puts things into perspective for me. I sit at a computer and work on websites all day....these guys (and girls) are real men. Even when they don't go into fires they get to wear hardcore equipment & look badass cool.

NYFD gets my respect.

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