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Tuesday, September 16

I don't understand if Keck's red truck comment below is b/c he thinks I should become a NYC Fire Fighter or an Idaho 'country-gentleman'. Either way is pretty cool & manly.

I had an eye opening conversation today with 2 coworkers who both seem to have prophetic/discerning gifting. Either of them are overtly followers of Jesus (although Tom is culturally Catholic & does indentify w/ JC). The conversation started with their weird experiences having bodily reactions to specific people at certain times, prophetic dreams, & that kind of stuff.

I had no problem explaining how the HS moves and speaks prophetically among our meetings & individual hearts in the context of the conversation. Its amazing how once we who are in the church get there, we make words to really do sound funny to 'outsiders'. Makes me think about Wimber's teachings on our western world view & how we (now in the church) need to shift paradigms to understand the Kingdom & all its implications here and now. These friends of mine don't know Jesus yet....but they have a deeper understanding of how this works from personal experience without ever being taught than some people I know who are Christians & just aren't paying attention to God or the natural things that happen around them.

+Lord, please help me to be a good friend and represent you to HD & TK. & Please teach us, your church to walk in your spirit more and better. Let your Kingdom come on us and through us.+

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