Friday, September 23 

prayer in loisida

on the stirring to pray... i was really encouraged last night at the 2nd praying
for submerge meeting. the cool thing about whats happening is that its not
coming from the top down (leaders telling people they should be doing stuff..
which sometimes needs to happen)... but its like a grassroots jobby & the
people really want to pray & see stuff happen. there was mustard behind those
prayers last night...

we met last night at Millay, Jes & Karina's new place on the lower EAST side.
the apartment is beautiful... but seriously, anymore east and you're on top of
LO-I-SIDA ave... or the river. it'll be a cold walk in the winter.

over the weekend i'm going get some photos up on the blog from our vaca.

Wednesday, September 21 


the past few months in NYC have been very busy, but also very
moving-forward-like. i am honored, but also recently humbled by the massive
responsibility it is to care of jesus' church.

at submerge we have a team of leaders that are handpicked for the job. it really
is exciting and an honor to build his church with them.

one of the things that has been happening over the last few months with me (&
seems a bunch of us) is really the stirring to pray. to like really pray.
i've revisited & re-realized that even as a leader, the best thing i can do for
other people is to pray for them. & the most deepening thing i can do for myself
is to pray.

i really have been stirring within me to do that. regularly & alot. its hard,
but not in like a taskmaster way... more the opposite. it feels like breaking
out of the grip of the taskmaster of everyday life into a whole new world.



my blogging schedule is so crap. i will try to do it as a discipline, as i
actually try to build a schedule more into my life.

so the amazing people blogs are coming... before jesus does

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