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Tuesday, March 8

Its snowing again here in NY. Sort of the sleet, icey snow that most people hate.
I love it. I like the cold. I was walking along 5th Ave in Brooklyn tonight & people are closing bodegas early, the dunkin donuts guys are sitting in there alone cause no body is out. Its nights like tonight that make NYC magical for me.

When I was a kid my dad worked for a company that sold salt for the roads. When it snowed he'd be thrilled (so I was) but everyone else would complain. Its strange how bizarre childhood circumstances like that can effect my perceptions of something as arbitrary as the seasons now.

Coming soon... I'll post the photos of the Central Park winter leopard that almost ate us for lunch while we were checking out the gates a couple weeks ago...

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ligor? tigion?

leopard? can't wait to see it.

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